About Us

Maldive Equestrian was established in 2014 by Amanda Blanchard.  Amanda brings over 45 years of horse experience as a rider, owner, competitor and horse lover. Her passion for horses started when she was just 5 years old with her weekly riding school lessons. She went on to belong to the prestigious Royal Horse Rangers Association of Hampton Court in the United Kingdom.

Ownership of her first horse came at the age of 15, Vegas was only 2 years old when her family bought him and he lived to the ripe old age of thirty. Amanda credits him for teaching her so much and for always being a big part of her life growing up. Suffice to say her passion for horses is still as strong as ever.

Amanda and her family moved to Western Australia in 2009 and her dream of establishing a business for horse lovers and riders soon became a reality when she made the decision to launch Maldive Equestrian. Her aim was to establish a company with competitive prices, as she felt horse riding whether for fun or competition should not cost a fortune. She understands and appreciates the costs involved in establishing a hobby within horse riding, as she herself purchased everything for her horse as a teenager.

Maldive Equestrian ensures that everyone from small children to adults can enjoy wearing high quality riding attire at affordable prices.  Amanda has herself over the years bought the 'brands’ and is an avid promoter of the stock she sells. Most of the stock is sourced from Europe and are well known, established brands that have been used throughout Amanda’s career as a rider and competitor. Stock is readily available, although some is limited.

Maldive Equestrian was established through the love of horses and horse riding, an experience shared with many members of the Blanchard family.